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Are you looking for fun and adventure, then 1st / 14th Brighton Sea Scouts is looking for you. Scouting is one of the best kept secrets for young people aged 6 - 25. It's the biggest and most successful youth organisation in Australia not to mention the world, with thousands of boys and girls enjoying an almost unlimited range of activities. Join us at 1st / 14th Brighton Sea Scouts and have the experience of a lifetime.

Street2Bay Project

1st 14th Brighton Sea Scouts have been announced as finalists in the 2022 Premier’s Sustainability Awards for the Street2Bay Project.

Street2Bay is a youth lead micro plastic project aimed toward auditing and bringing awareness of the micro plastics in the Port Phillip Bay waterways.

Port Phillip Baykeeper partnered with Scouts Victoria to conduct a far reaching street litter and microplastics study of 6 different street use types across Greater Melbourne. Street uses included retail, industrial, public buildings, sportsgrounds, parks and residential. Street2Bay involved hundreds of Scouts from 26 Scout groups located in bay catchments from Geelong to Red Hill. Groups were trained in the systematic audit method and given the necessary equipment and support to conduct audits in their catchment area every three months for 2 years.

Street2Bay Facebook Page

Visit the Street2Bay Facebook page for more details on this amazing project.

Port Phillip EcoCentre

Visit the Port Phillip EcoCentre to watch a video about the Street2Bay microplastic audits.

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